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EOW 9/27/2019
ELD Subscription Plans



FMCSA Mandated Features


  • ELD Compliance
  • Hours of Service
  • DVIR
  • Load Sheets
  • Live Tracking
  • Fuel Purchase
  • Proactive Violation Alerts



BASIC + More options


  • IFTA Miles Report Per State
  • Geo Fencing
  • Notifications
  • Messaging
  • Idle over 5 Minutes
  • Trips & Parking
  • Speeding

Simple Truck ELD Features

An "integral synchronization" with the engine control module to automatically record engine power status, vehicle motion status as well as other data.

Automatically Records

  • Date
  • Time
  • Engine Hours
  • Driving Time
  • Vehicle Miles
  • Driver ID
  • Location

Drivers can review unidentified records

Acknowledge records or indicate they don't belong to the driver. Has the ability to display all required standard data to authorized officials on demand.

Our screen displays

  • Daily header
  • Graph grid showing duty status
  • Detailed daily log data

Allows driver certification and written explanation for any edits to records made by the driver or any other ELD user prior to submitting to FMCSA.

Driver submits their logs to FMCSA, they are NOT automatically submitted.

HoS and DVIR Reports

Our ELD device/app is capable of generting the DVIR reports easily through app and it can be submitted to FMCSA.

Notification of HOS violation alerts highlighted to drivers.
  • Live violation alerts while driving
  • HOS submission made easier
  • Easy audit report while road side inspection
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Simple Truck ELD Simple Truck ELD

Live Tracking Tool

Live tracking system is a software product that allows end users to control their units.

Live Tracking units not only from a full-sized desktop computer but also from a smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices. The interface is adapted for such cases. Moreover, a special mobile application for Android and iOS is available as well as two previously developed web applications.

Unit tracking includes:

  • Detecting the unit position and watching its movements on the map
  • Observing the dynamic change of various unit parameters such as speed, fuel level, temperature, voltage, etc.
  • Management of units (sending commands and messages, assigning jobs and routes, adjusting notifications, etc.) and drivers (phone calls, SMS, work shifts)
  • Control of the unit movement along a specified route
  • Interpreting information derived from the unit in various kinds of reports (tables, charts); and much more.
The units can be monitored on the computer screen. The data received during the monitoring can as well be exported to files of different formats.

create and configure various system micro objects for tracking purposes:

  • Geofences
  • Jobs
  • Notifications
  • Drivers
  • Trailers
  • Passengers
  • Report templates

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